Reaching those - who would be lost in His Name to be Priest of the Lord...Isaiah 6:16

Our main purpose is to Reconcile all people to knowledge of the gift of grace and power of God in todays world for their individual lives. We will have a discipleship teaching orientation for Pastors, leaders and believers of all ages with a special focus on areas that do not get many well-known speakers including widows and orphan. Today’s calling seems to be Africa, but the Lord recent spoke to our hearts to think bigger…His is a WORLD WIDE OPERATION- and He will not lose what He died for---His people- You

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Loving the Majesty Ministries began in July to publish a monthly newsletter.  The post that follows was written by Denver Urlaub for the August issue of the Newsletter. If you would like to read the rest of the newsletter you can access it from our webpage

Like many of you, I grew up, where alcohol ruled. The spirit of religion condemned. The focus WAS on our faults, and shortcomings instead of on God’s Goodness and His love for us.
To say the least, I did not feel I qualified for “HIS LOVE”. Even if He DID love the whole world, it meant everyone else besides “ME”. God was hard to please and very far way….(see Ephesians 2:12-13).
Our Consciousness focused on memories “HE” had of “my/our” mistakes. Instead of an understanding that He had “thoughts of Peace for my Supply”. It never occurred to me that God was “FOR” me and not against me.  
I received Jesus at age 9 asking Him to be my savior. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit at age 14 & called into the ministry to be a Pastor. When I graduated from Bible College at age 19 and became an assistant pastor, it was more out of duty to God than out of a response to His love for me thru Jesus.
When a Heart attack attempted to take me out of this world Dec 8, 2011, The LORD spoke to me directly that “He LOVED ME- LIKE HE LOVED JESUS & that He needed me to start LOVING PEOPLE like He loved them.” (See John 17:23). I had never heard this before. It changed me.

The decision to go to Africa in 2012 was a response to that new revelation. A choice MOTIVATED not to GAIN His LOVE, but in response for SUCH GREAT LOVE I had now received. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are “recreated in The Anointing of Jesus for good works, which God has prepared beforehand that we should do them.”
2012 was intended as a onetime six week mission trip to visit orphans and widows.  As a businessman, I had been in the top percentage of the salespeople in my company since 1995. Our intentions were to take a leave of absence and then return to normal.  At the end of that trip, we were invited to return to Africa in 2103 to preach an 8 day believer’s conference. The 2013 invitation developed into a 3 month, 8 village, two country preaching crusade. In 2014, Stacey & I were stretched into being changed from two people on a onetime mission trip into full-time missionaries operating a ministry that has now preached “The Finished Work Of Jesus Christ-Redemption” in 4 continents and 8 countries in over 25 locations thru Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Israel, Haiti, Canada, and America.

STACEY & I have just under four months to resupply for 2016 to keep us preaching the Love of God to the lost world.  The HARVEST IS READY! 
WE INVITE YOU TO BE FRUITFUL by GOING WITH US as our PARTNER thru a pledge of monthly support.  I Pledge Monthly Financially Support of:

_____$500 USD   _____$100 USD       ____$50 _____ $15     Other $___________
A One- time gift of $________                   I will be a prayer partner________
Donations can be made online with PayPal
Please make Checks to:
Loving the Majesty Ministries PO Box 284 Healy, Alaska 99743  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Join us in prayer

Please forgive me if the font size if off but I can't tell for sure on the phone. 

 It's a familiar sight in Uganda to see women and children searching for any available water hole so that they can fill their jugs and carry them many kilometres back home. If there is a borehole in the community it will mean long hours waiting for your turn to get water.

This is a common problem that is even more of a challenge when you are getting water for a family of 28. This is the situation for Pastor Valentine, his wife Eunic, their children and the orphans in the community of Katogwe that they provide for.
When they wait at the borehole the rest of the community limits them to two jugs of water at a time because that is what the rest of the village gets but to have enough water for everyone this means multiple trips. When we visit, the pastor himself gets water throughout the night to be sure there is enough for breakfast and bathing in the morning.
Mornings create another challenge here as there is only one small area to take your bowl of water and clean up.

The Lord put it on our hearts to believe for a larger showering facility, a borehole, and solar panels to pump the water into a tank for showers and to irrigate the land so that they can have more crops to feed the children.

Building for the showers have begun and will allow five girls and four boys to bath.

We had been told previously of a ministry that would put in a borehole for $1,500 but they have not responded to our emails. The pastor checked another company that wants  $10,000. We have heard of others getting them for less but have not located someone giving a lower price.

Last week however when we were not even thinking of the borehole, the Lord directed us to an organization that puts them in as a ministry here in Uganda.  It was really a miracle even that we learned of this place. We have contacted the pastor in charge and he would like to have a face to face meeting with us.  We really don't know when we will have the time to meet with him because it will mean a days driving each way to talk but if they will be willing to do this project it would be worth the extra gas and hotels.

Please join us in praying that God will provide a borehole for the children of Katogwe either through this organization or to direct us to the right person.

It will also cost about  $1000 to finish the showers and $2,200 for the solar.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Miracle Fruit In The Field

Miracle Fruit In The Field

John the Baptist was in prison about to be killed.  He had seen Jesus and baptized his own cousin in the Jordan River.  The Holy Spirit had descended as a dove And JOHN had heard the voice of ELOHIM speak from Heaven saying this Jesus WAS  HIS Beloved Son!

As John faced emotional and spiritual battles in his life, he asked hard questions sending his friends to Jesus to ask if Jesus WAS the Annointed Messiah or IF we need look for another.

Many times we also face the same questions in OUR lives. IS this what WE heard and saw?

Like Jesus answered John, "GO TELL John- the sick are Healed,  demons are Cast out,  And The DEAF HEAR"

Loving the Majesty Ministries can report Miracle Fruit AT THE questions in OUR ministry.  TO DATE WE HAVE SEEN AND HEARD The anointing of fruit from our teams labor: 2 demonic deliverance manifestations, one pastor came to the conference DEAF and left being able to HEAR;  2 men where saved in one streets crusades in Bukasa;  6 people were saved in another street crusade in Nairobi Luck Summer area;
TWO pastors disputing land ownership in a remote village where no other white people had ever visited repented and forgiveness healed the relationship bringing peace there and solution to the dispute;  others were delivered,  healed,  saved, Encouraged to stay in the pastors ministry, and taught the truth replacing darkness. People learned to become Givers, tithing,  and Having Faith IN God  bring light and hope to several thousand people in deep poverty.

What I am about to write is NOT IN Any way a complaint.  NEITHER IS IT AN APPEAL FOR YOUR SYMPATHY. IT IS a report of the price of Miracle fruits.
to understand How Your financial partnership is being used to do exactly what Jesus did In Luke 8:1; & 9:6 Going from village to village preaching the Good News that Jesus has forgiven the sins of the World!

Loving the Majesty Ministries has heard repeatedly from Kenya and Uganda that many white people come just to tour and see the Monkeys. Then preach simple messages on the same verse John 3:16 acting like the African people can't understand Revelation knowledge and deeper truths of God's Spirit.  I CAN'T SPEAK ON OTHERS MINISTRIES. WHAT I CAN TELL you is
this: Loving the Majesty Ministries has designed and dedicated Itself and our team to preaching the Word of God and the Light We have been given with All Our Heart, strength, and Spirit To All who will listen.

Here is how your support IS used :

This is the weekly schedule :

Monday :
Get up at 7:00AM,  pack everything we own in the van with our team of 6;
SHARE A ONE PERSON SHOWER most of the time using cold water and a small cup bending over each time to get water. Then eat the breakfast of coffee, bread, & boil eggs. Drive 6 to 8 hours on what is called a road.
Unpack everything for the conference this week and learn each new locations details of when you receive water,  where to sleep -often on the floor,  and where to squat for the Latrine with no toilet. Preparation for an early morning pastor conference and greet all new people.  SLEEP-using earplugs to silence the chickens,  children, & animals or traffic.

7AM -Wake, "shower  (cold )"
8 AM - dig through the bags for everything to dress.
9 AM - if team and breakfast is ready-Eat and smile whatever It is.
9:30AM Set up PA (Thank you LOrd FOR those who supports our ministry so we could have IT ).
Pray and prepare to preach.
10 AM Registered those who really come on time and worship.
10:30 AM - 2 PM
(Being Blessed for interpreters who understand English and especially with the same annointed abilities to preach what is in your Spirit!
2PM - 3PM
Eat lunch whenever it is done or keep preaching until It is.....
3 PM - 5:30
Try to finish ALL we have had prepared for the Day.
5:30 loading the equipment for safe keep
6:00PM -Thank God for all the details OF Victories today... wish there was even cold water to clean the sweat off, Wait for water to be carried when the lines at The borehole allows the host to take thier turn and bicycle It back.
7PM to 10PM
Preparation for next days review of messages,  contact pastor AT THE next conference and follow updates,  shower :)... EAT or just go to sleep if dinner is not ready.

Repeat Tuesday.


Preach AT THE new Church.
Thank God that Pastor Stacey can preach 2 amazing annointed hours when you need a break :).

WE TRY TO rest one day a week when it is possible to do so,  but many location so just do not exist with the option.

NOW Remember that we are not boasting except in the Lord to accomplish all HE does through Loving the Majesty Ministries. We are simply communicating the Majesty Ministries programs SO you understand how important your support is to the Fruit production.

Most locations are waiting for us to arrive and even begin before we have gotten out of the van!  They also think we can add to the schedule schools conference, street crusades and  children ministry.

We have just completed Month number 3 ALL THE TIME BEING AWARE THAT THE MONEY IN OUR HANDS AND MINISTRY ACCOUNT WILL NEED YOU AS THE BODY OF JESUS to enable us to minister this work full time.

NOW let me share with you about the value Of $50. 00...

WE knew we needed support to continue this mission into Kenya Even TO get visas. We moved by faith buying a van to transport our ministry team, and  a generator, and P A.
Then We prayed for the funds and
made the best choices we knew by faith.
We had used the ministry funds down to  $13 U.S. and our funds.
We continued into Kenya where the costs are higher than Uganda.
Amazingly with small offerings at Each location each day we were able to stay in people's homes and buy our bottled water for the team and batteries for the microphones.  WHEN THE AFRICAN CHURCH heard we are preaching the Word of God some began to participate with us buying the food to feed the pastors or even occasionally putting Stacey and I in a hotel with a toilet and water.
However at one point We learned my business was scheduled to lose our biggest client,  and we didn't have the money for the conference in the next location.  Then we received a message ON Facebook that a new partner had  given $50 USD and again the second time.  IT was exactly what we needed to go that next step. This lady had helped a pastor receive hearing, and 6 people got saved.

I understand this is a long story... I am trying to type on a phone because we have been so thankful Even TO communicate this after all the devices were stolen.

Let me share the daily challenge We overcame: adversity We have had...fever, food poisoning,  oil leaks, AC repairs, 2 flat tires, a radio that is demon possessed- play too loud or too quiet or not at all not allowing us to recharge our spirit as we travel, I have been tired,  sick,  in the hospital, and healed.  Stacey has held my patience and HER own. She has had all HER personal things stolen -even her photos and makeup and phone and devices.
She has slept with chickens, roaches and rats over and around and in OUR bed. We have been hungry and broken down on the side of the road Far from help.  It seems every spare minute has been taken with fixing something.

Yet IN ALL This, Loving the Majesty Ministries is planning to return to each location again and add more.

We even believe God to begin a Bible training center we can teach and refresh in a home WE can rest in before going back out to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda Tanzania,  South Sudan
and Having Faith IN God and You,  to raise monthly support to get the Work of the Ministry done.


WE SAY WITH Isaiah -"Here AM I.. send us
We ask you to spend your support to produce this fruit of Miracles....

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Katogwe Children's Crusade

The travel to Katogwe made for a very long day.  The distance isn’t really that far but the roads are rough and the traveling is slow.
Denver did an excellent job his first time driving here in Uganda but I could tell he was exhausted by the time we finally reached Pastor Valentine, Eunice, and the children that they care for.  As we approached their home (orphanage) the road and drive filled with children with shouts of cheer.  They had been anticipating our arrival all day and welcomed us with such love, that we all had renewed energy for the day and for the children’s crusade that would begin the next morning. We too shared in their joy of seeing each other again and seeing all that God had done for them in the time since we left them last February. 

We welcomed the newest member to the family, baby Denver.  What a smiley boy he is.  

We also got to see with our own eyes the miracle that God had done in little Tenders arm.  She is their youngest daughter who last year had fallen in a fire before we had arrived.  She was unable to even straighten her arm from the severity of the burn and the pigment was gone off most of it.  We had prayed for her while we were there and the very next day she was able to move it freely.  After leaving we heard the how God had completely healed her.  Glory to God!!!!!
The arm and face last year
Completely healed

Our Uganda team traveled with us, as well as three additional members 
that would be with us just during our time in Katogwe to help with the children’s crusade there. What an amazing team they are and we are so blessed to have them with us. 

We began the morning with worship and a message from Denver. Then we divided the children (about 250 in all) into four different groups based on their age and the team took them to the open field across the road and taught them bible verses, songs, dances, and skits.  

Each member of our team was responsible for determining what they would teach their age group.  After a couple hours we took a break for lunch and then in the evening when the sun was not as hot, we returned to the field for some games.  Although, during the break, the children continued to gather in the church and worshiped for about 3 hours until it was game times.

Our Uganda team brought so much joy to this little village in this three day crusade. We learned through Pastor Eunice that this was the first ever children’s crusade in their area. 

On the final day we had a special service to present to the parents what each of the children had learned.  The children were so proud of what they had learned and the parents had so much excitement as they listen to their children.  After the youngest group presented their verses and songs, on of the little boys asked “would you like to be saved”. 

Praise the Lord for the faith of a child!!!


Our days here in Uganda are often long and our words to express what the Lord is doing often fall short of the true experience for lack of time to write and words to express.  I wanted to be able to express just how blessed we were, the children where, and the pastor and his wife and the parents and this small village of Katogwe, but I find so much lacking in my expression of it to you.

Really what I can tell you is this: come and experience this for yourself.

Join us as we fellowship with the people here; dance with them, sing with them, laugh with them, and love with them.  Your life will never again be the same.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We live by faith

For we live by faith, not by sight. – 2 Corinthians 5:7


Praise God for our new vehicle to transport us and our team throughout Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda and wherever the Lord leads.  

Now we drive in faith.

Last year Denver did some driving in Rwanda but they drive on the right side of the road so this was his first time driving on the left.  I am actually very impressed with how the driving has gone.   

On Thursday we begin a new adventure as we drive to Katogwe with our Ugandan team.  Although we were there last year, none of us knows how to get there.  Our driver from last year is not able to travel with us because one of the girls at the orphanage (Best) has had two surgeries and will begin chemo treatment for cancer.  Our driver from last year will be driving her back and fourth to the hospital and so he is not able to go.  There are no road signs on where to turn.  Just lots of dirt roads, so we drive by faith and I’m sure the Holy Spirit will take us to where we need to go.

We have completed our time at Mukono and are excited for the great work that the Lord is doing there.  They now own about 25 of their own chairs and have begun construction on the church.  Praise the Lord. 

It was such a blessing to do the second annual soccer tournament as well as the second annual Believers Conference. We were also blessed with all of the testimonies from last year’s conference.  Our ministry travels to many locations in Africa and are only at each location for a short time so we leave in faith of the seeds that have been planted.  We heard testimonies of healings and several testimonies to how the word they received last year has changed lives.  It is amazing to hear them give specific details about what last years messages.    

The people in Mukono have become our family and it is always difficult to say goodbye but we leave in confidence that God will continue the work that He has started in them.  Now we prepare for travel to Katogwe and to see Pastor Valentine, Eunice, the 25 children that they care for, and baby Denver.  While we are there, we will be doing a village wide children’s crusade for about 250 children.  We will share a message with the children and then the children will be divided up into age groups where our team will teach them bible verses, songs, and dance.  We will feed them lunch and then spend the next couple hours playing games with them.  On Sunday, the children will present to their family some of what they have learned. 

Thank you to those who have partnered with us, both financially and in prayer.  You go where we go and are apart of everything that we do.

If you would like to donate toward the cost of feeding the children or feeding pastors during pastors training conferences, you can make a donation using paypal to the right.  We are an official 501(c)(3).

Monday, January 5, 2015

It is a FREE gift

The Lord blessed our ministry with several boxes of hoodies.  Although we were very excited for this blessing, we really didn't know what we were going to do with them.  Denver and I prayed about it and felt that we were suppose to drive the truck full of blessings from Alaska to New York.  Our focus was on the next five months of mission in Africa, but it seamed that God had another mission planned for us before we would leave.

We gave the hoodies out all along the way and then spent two days in the streets of New York, with our team here, ministering to people and giving them this free gift.  My friends, I really never could fully describe to you how much this touched all of our lives.  There is a story behind ever hoodie that was given, but it wasn't about the warmth that the hoodies would provide, it was about God’s love and the free gift.

Every person that we pass has story if we’ll take the time to listen:
“my mom abandoned me. I believe in God but I can’t forgive her”
“I’m just cold and hungry”
“I’m just so lonely”
“just earlier today someone was witnessing to me at Tim Horton’s”
“I just want to get through the holidays.  It’s a difficult time of the year because it’s when my 4 year old died”
“I believe in Jesus but Christians don’t love each other”
“I am Christian but the churches don’t allow someone like me to come to church”
“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe someone would just give me something for free”
“I was a heroine addict, and just got out of rehab last week.  I’m living at the homeless shelter and I’m trying but it’s really hard”

but some said “no thank you and walked away” and one lady quickly darted across the street to avoid us all together. 

As we listened to the stories of those God led us to and we shared with them this free gift, we told them about Jesus and His love and that it is a gift of God, not of their own works.  Just like the hoodie, they did not have to do anything to earn it but just to believe and to receive what is freely given.  You have to receive the gift however.  We didn't make anyone take a hoodie.  It was there for them if they would receive it but they could choose not to receive. 

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works lest anyone should boast – Ephesians 2:8-9

Many people are still trying to earn what God has freely given them.  Nothing you do can earn it, but if you will receive it, He freely gives it to you through faith.

We don’t go Africa because we are earning anything from God and our team didn't give out hoodies because we were earning anything.  We do it because Jesus said to go into all the world and because “the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given us” – Romans 5:5

Jesus always had compassion on the people, but He didn't just “have” compassion, He was moved by compassion.   An action always followed compassion: feeding the hungry, healing all who were sick or oppressed of the devil. 

Are you moved by compassion?

Our New York team

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year 2015!

Today is the first Day of a brand new year.  Happy New Year to You!

As we bring to remembrance why we should celebrate such a day as this, Stacey & I would like to give an update of the progression of  Loving The Majesty Ministries  ” Africa 2015 Mission” .

We pray our story will inspire you to look forward to 2015 in Hope and Joy.

It is our desire to cause you to Dance with Your Bridegroom Jesus in great delight of His love for you in 2015. Such intimate LOVE that squeezes you into the closeness of Himself so there is no separation of distance or status of class of being between us and HIM …in fact this is what the word “TOGETHER” means in Greek language as used in the book of Ephesians chapter 2:6 in the phrase raised us up “together” and made us sit “together “ In The anointed Jesus . We are the Body of Jesus Here on this earth –even married to Him in covenant relationship that HE nourishes us and cherishes us as members of HIS own Body, of His own Flesh and of His own Bones!

 Stacey & I left home from Healy, Alaska on Dec 16th, 2014 driving enroute to Phillipsport, New York to prepare for our upcoming flight that departs Jan 7th 2015 out of JFK to Entebbe, Uganda.
The plan during this 14 day, 4862 mile (7080 kilometer) drive, was to minister to people on the streets and along the route both in convenience stores and gas stations and on the side of the road by sharing the love of Jesus and giving the extra sweat shirts that overflow from the allowable Baggage by the airlines that were donated to Loving the Majesty Ministries.

On the day of departure the Miracles began to manifest in timing. We received the IRS Tax Exempt Status of a 501(c)(3) public Charity.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we rejoiced celebrating the remembrance of the Virgin Birth of our Messiah Jesus with Josiah, one of our sons, Elizabeth our daughter in law and Silas one of our 5 grandsons.  Celebrating Christmas with some family was a bonus to the many miles spent in prayer and listening to ministering CDS and Music as we drove along.

Stacey & I began to memorize Psalm 91 together for meditation, and spoke in two churches- City Center View in Edmonton, and Clare Church of the Nazarene in Clare Michigan, which the Lord opened as doors for us to touch people’s lives and to raise support for the work of this year’s NEW venture in our lives.
SO what does this all have to do with New Year and the reason to celebrate it with Joy and Hope?

As we met so many people along way this last two weeks one thing stood out clearly- People want to be loved! No matter what baggage and hurt they carry or trouble they have walked thru or are seemingly in at the present, everyone is just a few words of encouragement from gaining the strength to Stand up and Live again.

In fact 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 says that if any Person is IN CHIRST (the anointed Messiah) Jesus,
OLD THINGS- ARE- PASSED AWAY and “ALL THINGS” are MADE NEW…just like the dates on the calendar at the turn of a new year.  God has already reconciled us to HIMSELF in Jesus Death on the cross and resurrection from the dead.

It is clear that God – verse 19 says is not holding our former sins against us anymore….this means SIN in and of itself is not against us anymore. Do not misread this in the English and interpret it to mean only the sin that you committed to date. It does not in any way imply such thing. Jesus DIED ONCE FOR ALL people and fro ALL time to take away the Sin of the WORLD.  Jesus carried those sins and paid the price for them in Hades for you suffering on your behalf so you do not have to carry them or suffer from them.

I understand – it may not “feel like that could possibly be the truth. It is, however, TRUTH  established for ALL TIME AND ETERNITY THAT THE BLOOD OF CHIRST HAS SQUEEZED US INTO THE MIDST OF GOD MAKING US ONE WITH HIM AS HIS DEAR SONS AND DAUGHTERS. IT IS A FREE GIFT.

Joy returns to the eyes of people, who come to realize and understand that God really does love them. God really does care for them. God’s will is to help them out of any storm of life, or through any storm of life they are now experiencing no matter if they caused the storm by bad choices  or some other person or situation caused it.  

As Stacey & I and our team spoke with people –even those some may label “street people”- Love and Hope bring caused JOY to shine in the eyes of those we spoke with! Love and Hope that someone Like Jesus who is able to help them NOW, and that will to help thru His own body  - people like you and I, who are willing to forgive and throw out the old, and offer the NEW life for eternity as a free gift. A free gift paid for and freely given without reservation….Remember those Jesus touched 2000 years ago- a rough fisherman, a demon possess woman, a prostitute, an adulterer, a thief, a murderer… and I. 

This is a NEW Beginning and New YEAR. Out with the old prejudices and selfishness of our own private lives. And In with the New Unity of the Body of the Bridegroom. Get a REVELATION of JESUS – your Bridegroom coming for those whose lamps are burning bright with oil!

Joy OF THE NEW will spill over into the lives of those who need that LIGHT ALL AROUND YOU!