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Our main purpose is to Reconcile all people to knowledge of the gift of grace and power of God in todays world for their individual lives. We will have a discipleship teaching orientation for Pastors, leaders and believers of all ages with a special focus on areas that do not get many well-known speakers including widows and orphan. Today’s calling seems to be Africa, but the Lord recent spoke to our hearts to think bigger…His is a WORLD WIDE OPERATION- and He will not lose what He died for---His people- You

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Suitcases for South Sudan

"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' – Matthew 25:40

God has been faithful and provided everything that Denver and I need to cover our cost to South Sudan. We are excited as all the final details come together. There will be several opportunities for both of us to minister to the children as well as the widows while we are there.  I’m still waiting for Denver to have some spare time (that’s a funny a word around here) so that he can write a blog about what he will be doing there but for today I’ll tell you a little bit more about what I’ll be doing.

I have the opportunity to work with the widows to do a bible study as well as doing quilts together. This is something God put on my heart to do several weeks ago; I told you about that in a previous blog.  God has directed me to do a study about the body of Christ and to make quilts as a representation of that.  I would like to be able to take enough material for each widow to have a quilt when we are done. That will not be an easy task since we are only allowed 15 kilograms (33 pounds) when we fly into South Sudan.  I’ve decided to do the quilts with micro fleece and just do them a single layer to keep each quilt as light as possible.  We will also be making them 60 x 70 (2 yards of material) to keep the weight down. Two yards weighs about 14 oz and I need to take enough for 15.  It would have been nice to do a larger one and have it more detailed but that would mean that I may not have enough to take to everyone and this ladies have so little that I just couldn’t figure out how you could take only enough for a couple quilts.  

The other project that we are working on right now is taking suitcases with extra supplies for the orphans in Uganda and possibly South Sudan. We are allowed to take 3 suitcases each to Uganda with us, but then from there we are only allowed 33 lbs. There are so many orphans that could use our help that we can’t imagine going with only one suitcase when we are allowed three.  We do hope to be able to take some extra supplies to South Sudan but we won’t know that until we get there. We can pay to take in extra weight but it’s only on a space available option so we can’t be sure. We plan to pack two extra suitcases for South Sudan and two for an orphanage in Uganda.  If something happens that we cannot get them on the plane then we will leave all four suitcases in Uganda but either way we want to make sure to touch as many lives as we are able.

If you want to make donations for the suitcases, our address is listed on the right.

Here are some possibilities:

Bibles (we would like to take several with us)
Shoes of all sizes but the lighter the better
Formula (this is very difficult to get in Africa)
Baby bottles and extra nipples
Hard candies
Extra material to leave for the widows
Baby blankets
Granola bars
Propel drink mix
Nail polish
Toilet paper
Clothing / all sizes
Soccer balls, dolls, little cars,  yo-yo’s, or really any small child’s toy
If you have any other suggestions, just let me know and I’ll let you know if I think it will fit in the suitecase.

Our flight leaves Alaska on February 6th so computer access after that time will be limited. All updates will be done through this blog so be sure to sign up to receive email notifications whenever a new blog is added.  I will keep you posted with pictures and updates as often as I’m able.

God bless you all for you prayers and support.

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