Reaching those - who would be lost in His Name to be Priest of the Lord...Isaiah 6:16

Our main purpose is to Reconcile all people to knowledge of the gift of grace and power of God in todays world for their individual lives. We will have a discipleship teaching orientation for Pastors, leaders and believers of all ages with a special focus on areas that do not get many well-known speakers including widows and orphan. Today’s calling seems to be Africa, but the Lord recent spoke to our hearts to think bigger…His is a WORLD WIDE OPERATION- and He will not lose what He died for---His people- You

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

What more could you want on valentines day than a day full of love?

We started our morning listening to the children worshiping with little ones in our arms, followed by morning chapel done by one of the older girls. Then we had a wonderful breakfast because the cooks here are outstanding. Of course it helps that I actually like beans and rice, and oatmeal.
It is a cooler morning so we decided it was a good day for a run. As we were running the children were walking to school so some of them began to run with us. There was the sound of flip flop;s behind me. It was the most rewarding run that I've ever had.

Soon Denver will be doing another chapel which will be his third. They are going very well and the children as well as the teachers seem to be enjoying it. Today I do my first women's group there will be 15 of them.

There is much love to go spread and receive so I must go for now. Be Blessed

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