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Our main purpose is to Reconcile all people to knowledge of the gift of grace and power of God in todays world for their individual lives. We will have a discipleship teaching orientation for Pastors, leaders and believers of all ages with a special focus on areas that do not get many well-known speakers including widows and orphan. Today’s calling seems to be Africa, but the Lord recent spoke to our hearts to think bigger…His is a WORLD WIDE OPERATION- and He will not lose what He died for---His people- You

Monday, March 4, 2013

Praise God for our time in Terekeka

I know that it has been several days since I have posted but the Internet was extremely limited during our time in Terekeka. There are many details of the last several days so I imagine this post will include several highlights.

We were told of many possible problems and dangers that we might face during our drive to Terekeka but God sent His angels ahead of us and we did not encounter any difficulty. We later learned that what we heard may have been exaggerated and may have come from those who have never made the trip. We are reminded often to put our trust in God and share God's love and grace with those around us.

Although there are many things that are done the same in Terekeka as in Yei,  there are many things that are done differently. Some of them are simply because Terekeka is a newer orphanage and they are still growing. Yei was blessed with solar panels for the hospital here a few months back. There was enough power for parts of the compound so we are able to get up in the morning and turn the light on but Terekeka runs on a generater so it is not on in the morning and we needed to get ready by flashlight which was a challenge for Denver to do contacts. All things were able to be accomplished with adjustments over a few days.

Our roll there had not been predetermined so getting into a schedule was an adjustment. They were short a math and counting teacher for the younger children so I was able to assist with that for the first three days. I also helped with some office paperwork but unfortunately did not accomplish much because I needed more data. Denver helped Lance and Bruce with some window frames and metal trusses for the new school they are building. School is currently under the mango trees which offers some advantage because it is the coolest spot since the temperature in the shade was 107 most days that we were there.

Denver went with pastor Joseph on Tuesday to evangelize in the village and it went very well. Since pastor would be gone, he asked me to do chapel which I was very nervous about because I had never don anything like that but it went very well and I did enjoy it.

I also did repair on many of the children's clothes. As I would sit and sew the children would bring stuff that was torn in many directions and I managed to repairs items that appeared impossible but the children were so excited you would have thought they had gotten something new. There were a couple items that I could not repair and Kim showed me where I could exchange them for new. That was difficult because I wanted to give them all new but I knew that they needed to make them last as long as possible. I also was able to see new skirt for five girls which was so fun and yet difficult to do because I know they all wanted one.

Friday both Denver and I went with pastor to the village but that is such a wonderful story and I am short on time so I will put that in a blog separate.

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